Let us take over the water care maintenance of your hot tub so you can soak worry free!

Harsh chemicals and unbalanced water will damage the spa equipment, ruin the cover, cause skin irritation, and eventually decrease the overall lifespan of your hot tub. Unlike the other guys who use chlorine granules and acid, we only use top quality chemicals specifically intended for hot tubs to keep your water cleaner, clearer, and softer. We provide all the chemicals used for the weekly service.


  • Cover & cabinet wiped down weekly
  • Cover & cabinet conditioned and UV protectant cleaner applied monthly
  • Waterline wiped down weekly
  • Water chemistry tested and adjusted weekly
  • Visual inspection of spa equipment performed weekly
  • Filters rinsed out every 2 weeks or sooner when necessary


  • Frog @ease Smartclor self regulating technology system
  • Bromine floater

* Sanitation system is chosen based on customers spa usage and preference


  • AquaClairty, Liesure time ph/Alk Up, Liesure time ph/Alk down, Liesure Time Renew, Bright & Clear


* $25 off all cleaning services

* 10% off filter replacements

* Water filter attachment used for hot tub refills (excludes swim spas

**We recommend that you change the filter(s) in your hot tub every 12-18 months depending on the size of your hot tub.**